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Anonymous asked:

Do you have ppd? That could be causing those feelings. Talking to someone might not automatically put you on meds. It xould be a weekly thing. Ya know?


meh.. maybe. I’ll talk to our first steps lady. i guess when i think of PPD i tihnk of sitting and crying or stuff like that. this feels like an exteme aniety i guess?? idk 

keep having this feeling of impending doom (don;t read just getting this out of my brain)

everything is awesome!!

So many good things!! 

Ed will be home sat, sun, mon & tue!! I’m so excited to see him so so so so so happy!!

Not so awesome: Emery’s paperwork got lost on a desk for 2 weeks that’s why I had only heard from the place I don;t want to send him and that’s why they were trying to get me to do all the hoop jumping. BUT, we’re going to have a Occupational/Speech Therapist come to the house weekly! 

Seriously getting close to closing out alot of our debt! This pleases me.

Putting Emery & Jensen’s Christmas on layaway this weekend! 

once we have a few things paid off we’re going ot start putting money into other things! 

I love that life is working out for us. That everything is ok! 

Ed got the 3-12’s

he’ll be home sat sun mon & tue oh man oh man oh man